Don Korte

Self Taught Artist

Born 1942 in Souix Falls, South Dakota

From an early age, I have been interested in drawing. Most of my subjects were horses and other animals. I never looked at art as a career choice but as something that came natural to me and that I did for my own enjoyment. Art has always been a hobby for me. It was something that could help me enjoy retirement. Now that I'm retiring, it gives me an opportunity to, hopefully, let others also enjoy my work.

Some of my friends who liked my work have commissioned me to do paintings for them. This led to other commissioned work for some of their friends. I have done work in pen and ink, charcoal, pastels, watercolor, acrylics and oils. The majority of this commission work has been wild life or pets. I prefer working in pen and ink and pastels.

Most of the originals are available in prints and note cards. The note cards are done in stippling or pointalism others are done as line drawings. I have also made available note cards for original pet portraits which I do in either pen and ink or pastels.

To get the desired effects, with pen and ink, I use a pen with different nibs to get the lines to express more depth. The nibs allow me to go from very a very fine line to a wider line in the same stroke or when stippling to change the size of the stipples. This gives me greater control over shadowing and highlights.

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